She's Haunting
I'm Swan Geist, aka Man of the House. Or Head Lesbian In Charge. 21, Berlin. That awesome trick your girlfriend does that you love? I taught her that.
You need to know, I love my twin Raven, very, very much. Don't let it shock you.

{This is a smut RP blog}
My better half the little one like a sister Season TwoNot GuiltyBaby it's FactSeason Three
  • Title: The Odds Were Never In My Favour (Swan POV sequel to Josh’s May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor)
  • Characters: Swan, Raven, Roxanne (brief mention of Puck and Oliver)

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keeping this.


I’m dying
Could you touch me again?
Touch me again

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It is the fate of tragic characters to be snatched in a final grasp of fate, just as they are about to reach their summit - Unknown

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and the lucky boy will be able to have an early retirement to stud.

and I’ll have enough money to buy him off my sponsors